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  • Tsunami Drill 21 Aug 2009: Tsunami Drill
  • Emergency Response Training 5 Jun 2009: Emergency Response Training
  • Volunteers Training 3 Apr 2010: Volunteers Training
  • Tsunami Drill 21 Aug 2009: Tsunami Drill
  • TPD Stop Piracy 8 Feb 2010: TPD Stop Piracy
  • TPD Stop Piracy 8 Feb 2010: TPD Stop Piracy
  • Lantern Pole Raising 7 Oct 2010: Lantern Pole Raising - Phuket Vegetarian Festival
  • Fire Drill Training 7 Aug 2010: Fire Drill Training by Patong Fire Department
  • First Aid to the Injured Training 5 Jun 2010: First Aid to the Injured Training by Bangkok Phuket Hospital
  • TPD celebrate Christmas 20 Dec 2010: TPD celebrate Christmas at Royal Phawadee Village, Patong Beach
  • Police Major General Aditya, Patong Beach 12 Jan 2011: The visit of Police Major General Aditya to Patong Beach
  • Phuket Blues and Rock Festival 26 Feb 2011: The volunteers supporting the 2011 Phuket Blues and Rock Festival
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Welcome to the official website of Phuket Tourist Police Volunteers. We are here to serve and protect visitors to the beautiful island of Phuket. Please browse our website and contact us if you need any more information or assistance.
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tourist police celebrate christmas
tourist police celebrate christmas
13 October 2012
Police Day and Meeting
24 August 2012
Tourist Police Volunteers Football Match


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Patong Map
Saturday 6 Oct 2012
Time: 15:00
Royal Phawadee Village
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