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Section 14
Sub-Division 5
Tourist Police
100/31-32 Chalermphakeat R.9 Road
T.Rassada, A.Muang
Phuket, 83000 Thailand

The duty of Tourist Police is to facilitate and secure tourists’ though out Thailand. We would like you to enjoy your trip in the land of smile. So there are some advice’s for tourists. It involves the way to take care of yourself as well as any offers some helpful advice’s which visitors should be aware of when traveling in Thailand.

Situation 1
Visitors are approached in crowded places such as street, hotel, restaurant and market; by respectable looking man who can speaking English well. They will be every friendly often offer their free assistance or service during a conversation with visitors. At some point of time, the well dressed robbers steal or change the visitors’ bag and run away or the visitors find out that they have been cheated at the end.

1. Beware of any encounters with strangers that end up requiring to buy something in shops or places.
2. There are no government promotions or special sale at any time of the year.
3. Don't leave your bags unattended at the table.
4. Keep your valuables properly protected from loss or keep them with you at all time.
5. Never leave your valuables out of sight even briefly.
6. Don't accept drinks by strangers.

Situation 2
Traveling on an over night coach, van and taxi; visitors usually put their bags in the luggage compartment, boot or put them under their seats. When they arrive at their destination, they pay the fare and check their bags. There are some dishonest drivers that take your bags away or the visitors find that their valuables have been stolen from their bags. Moreover, there are some women or transvestites gang who stay in the taxi or private car pretending to ask the visitors to get into the car. Visitors may be taken to a hotel and drugged.

1. Note down the vehicle's registration number and its color, name of the travel agency as well as the description of the person in the car and the place where you get on and get off it.
2. Take your bags out of the boot before paying the fare.
3. Keep zippered bag secured with small locks.
4. Check your valuables before getting off the vehicle.
5. Keep the ticket for reference.
6. Don't get into a staggers, car if you are asked to do so.

Don't forget to take these precautions with regard to personal safety and security of your belongings. You will have a wonderful period of time while you are staying in Thailand.





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