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  • Tsunami Drill 21 Aug 2009: Tsunami Drill
  • Emergency Response Training 5 Jun 2009: Emergency Response Training
  • Volunteers Training 3 Apr 2010: Volunteers Training
  • Tsunami Drill 21 Aug 2009: Tsunami Drill
  • TPD Stop Piracy 8 Feb 2010: TPD Stop Piracy
  • FIFA Tsunami Football Centre 15 Sep 2009: FIFA Tsunami Football Centre Opening by President of FIFA Joseph Blatter
  • TPD Stop Piracy 8 Feb 2010: TPD Stop Piracy
  • Lantern Pole Raising 7 Oct 2010: Lantern Pole Raising - Phuket Vegetarian Festival
  • Fire Drill Training 7 Aug 2010: Fire Drill Training by Patong Fire Department
  • First Aid to the Injured Training 5 Jun 2010: First Aid to the Injured Training by Bangkok Phuket Hospital
  • TPD celebrate Christmas 20 Dec 2010: TPD celebrate Christmas at Royal Phawadee Village, Patong Beach
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The following requirements must be met to qualify for membership in the Police Auxiliary Program:

  1. Must hold a Non Immigrant ‘B’ or ‘O’ Visa.
  2. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  3. Must be a high school graduate or equivalent.
  4. Must pass a thorough criminal background check, the extent to be determined by the Phuket Tourist Police Department.
  5. Must have near fluency in the Thai language and/or any other language.
  6. Obliged, from time to time, to submit to urine/drug testing.
  7. Must have high moral and ethical standards.
  8. Must be willing to comply with all applicable Phuket Tourist Police Department policies and procedures.
  9. Must have a strong desire and commitment to serve the Phuket Tourist community and its citizens.
  10. Never have been convicted of a felony crime or other offences as determined by the Phuket Tourist Police Department.
  11. Possess a current and valid Thai driver’s license or obtain a license within one year of appointment.

The Phuket Tourist Police Department is committed to having its Volunteers look professional. For these reasons guidelines have been agreed and issued for the establishment of a uniform to be worn by members of the Foreign Volunteers group when carrying out assignments that require a uniform. This design creates a clear distinction between the uniforms worn by Foreign Volunteers and Royal Thai Police officers. Foreign Volunteers are required to purchase their own clothing and equipment as follows:

  1. Cap (200 Baht)
  2. White polo shirt (580 Baht)
  3. ID Card (150 Baht)
  4. Flashlight (150 Baht)
  5. Mobile Phone (800 Baht)
  6. Dark navy coloured trousers (600 Baht)
  7. Black footwear (600 Baht)

uniform cost

Uniform guidelines include:

  1. Foreign Volunteers will wear white shirts with appropriate badges and with their name and national flag embroidered on the shirt. The shirt will be of the Polo type – suitable for patrol and other outdoor assignments
  2. Foreign Volunteers will wear dark navy coloured trousers or shorts or docker type pants and black footwear
  3. Foreign Volunteers will also wear a duty belt when on patrol, carrying a flashlight and radio with holster. Optional pepper spray, handcuffs or baton, if carried, are to be hidden in trouser pockets or in a pouch but not on display.

Application Process

The application process for the Phuket Tourist Police Department Auxiliary  Program is as follows:

  1. Completion of an initial application.
  2. Application review by Auxiliary Program Co-ordinator or designee.
  3. Completion of comprehensive background packet.
  4. Background investigation.
  5. The background investigation will be co-ordinated by the Police Auxiliary Program Co-ordinator and will include at a minimum: a criminal history clearance, personal references and employment history.
  6. Interview with the Police Auxiliary Program Co-ordinator or designee and an interview board selected by the Program Co-ordinator

Click here to download the application form


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